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JR Martin

Founder & CEO
“A unique set of perspectives... An exceptional inventory of industry best practices.”

With over 30 years of investments industry experience, JR Martin has amassed a unique set of perspectives, while accumulating an exceptional inventory of industry best practices. As founder and CEO of Martin Advisory & Consulting Services, he now has created a platform to inform and equip others to achieve greater performance and scalability.


Over the years, JR's roles have included research and discretionary asset management, investment consulting, institutional sales/trading, and marketing/investor relations. He has worked directly with institutional investors, family offices, high-net-worth and retail investors, as well as prominent financial advisors. Having worked both ends of the industry spectrum – from research to investor relations with hybrid responsibilities at points in between – JR understands the crucial balance between client-centered problem-solving and scalable business strategy. He has worked alongside entrepreneurs and industry leaders – including three advisory teams consistently ranked among the elite Barron's Top 100. Moreover, his experience with both private and public entities has provided an appreciation for the advantages, challenges, and nuances facing both.

Currently, JR serves as a team-member-at-large and non-voting investment committee member to advisory teams with $3.1 billion in AUM and over $800 million allocated to alternative investment strategies. A self-described investigative journalist, JR offers experience-based perspectives and research-driven insights on a subscription basis via weekly briefings.

As 2020 begins a new decade, JR’s ongoing mission is to find like-minded professionals who can benefit from his ideas, passion, and leadership. His goal is to engage as a special advisor to a select group of established enterprises, helping them grow in a smart way by delivering recurring actionable insights, and building strong relationships in the process.

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